About Me


Junior anaesthetic doctor who likes teaching, writing, and anything with wheels

Hello. Welcome to Unicyclemedic

My name is Will, I’m a junior doctor working in the United Kingdom having studied undergraduate medicine at the University of Cambridge, and then completed my clinical years in London. I intercalated with a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience during my third year at Cambridge, and have worked as a junior doctor in the south of England since qualifying.

I also like to ride a unicycle.

I originally had no idea what do to with this blog – I knew I wanted to set up a website so I started one, but without any real plan. It started out as a revision tool that I put together in fourth year of med school; somewhere I could put handy revision aids, mnemonics and advice for exams and medicine in general.

Then I started drawing cartoons. These silly snippets of life as a medical student and then a doctor were a fun distraction from doing actual work, however people seemed to enjoy them so I kept drawing, and decided to put them on here.

Finally, while working as a junior doctor, I found I had a real problem with anxiety. I was worrying about literally everything I did, every decision I made, every procedure I performed, my idiot brain would find some way to torture me at night with worries about how it might have gone wrong or how patients may come to harm because I forgot to check that repeat creatinine or double-triple check that prescription. I asked around among my colleagues at work and found that, to my surprise, a lot of people had the same issues, they just weren’t that keen to talk about it. Makes sense in a career that for years has promoted relentless self-confidence and ridiculed those who accept they don’t know the answer or are finding it hard. So I decided to open up and put everything up on here, in ‘The Anxious Doctor’, in the hope that other people struggling with being a worrier like me can find some solace that they’re not alone, and there is light at the end of the anxiety tunnel.

Wish me luck,


I like stuff with wheels
more stuff with wheels
Just…. I know

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