Medical Musings

A while back I was revising with some friends for medical exams, and was struggling to remember long lists of things like drugs, risk factors and symptoms that didn’t naturally link together. So I started linking them in a stories that would help me remember them. Turns out they liked it too, So I thought I’d stick them up here.

The reason for writing a medical blog is it achieves a number of aims, specifically my big 5 (see ‘how I got happy’). 

  • By writing as much as I know about a topic before going and looking anything up, I am forced to actively recall information, which forms an integral part of revision.
  • Then I have to go and research the topic, and write about it, which is a fairly standard revision technique.
  • I then manipulate and retouch the information to make it as creative and interesting as possible, thereby spending more time chewing the information over and letting it perfuse into my memory.
  • I try to make it funny/wacky to give it an emotional hook to make the memory stronger
  • I then have a permanent record of my notes for reviewing later
  • Someone else might find the notes helpful too
  • It’s fun, and doesn’t feel like ‘revision’.

What you have to remember is:

  • It doesn’t have to make sense
  • The weirder the better

It’s not for everyone, but it might just be for you.