If you’ve read my Anxious Doctor posts, seen my anxiety-related cartoons, or met me, you’ll know that I have a rather neurotic disposition, especially when doing anything vaguely medical. It’s useful when it comes to making sure you don’t miss important diagnoses, but it’s cripplingly debilitating when you want to relax with your friends andContinue reading “Anxiety “

Training for Exams

Ask any cyclist what their ‘routine’ is in the run up to a race and you’ll likely be there a while as they carefully recount the day-by-day, minute-to-minute strategy to ensure they’re set up for the best possible performance on the day. Nothing gets forgotten, be it training, food, sleep, clothing – you name it, aContinue reading “Training for Exams”

How to survive the ward round 

      The dreaded ward round began at 08.30. You were buzzing, coffee swilling warmly through your veins, notebook and pen at the ready; a diligent student of a glorious vocation ready to learn. It’s now 09.15 and you’re stealing guilty glances at the clock, your weary eyes sliding down to your crumpled patient list to see howContinue reading “How to survive the ward round “