This blog, and everything on it, are simply the musings and confused thoughts of a doctor in the UK. It’s not medical advice, nor is it going to tell you everything you need to know as a doctor.

The titles alone should tell you that.

If you think you’re sick, please go and see a medical professional. If you’re a medical student, go shadow a medical professional and ask lots of insightful questions.

Sometimes I include links in from other websites. Most of the time it’s a cat video, so you shouldn’t be using that for medical advice anyway. But in case you do, please rest assured that my linking them here doesn’t mean I think they’re necessarily a good source of medical information.

Everything here is designed to serve as a source of reassurance, entertainment, or a tool for memorising information. Occasionally, I employ weird and ridiculous ways of remembering things. Sometimes this means a story that might offend someone, which isn’t intended, and other times it just plain doesn’t make sense (this sometimes helps).

By reading this blog, you agree to indemnify the author, and hold them harmless from any demand or claim, including legal fees, made by a third party as a result of:

  • content available on the blog
  • any law violation that occurs to you through this blog
  • anything you do while using the blog

If you spot something written here that is factually incorrect, or that new evidence suggests is not best practice, please comment, so that I can change it!



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