When injecting lidocaine as a local anaesthetic, it’s really rather important that you don’t give too much, what with the whole making-the-nerves-stop-working aspects of its pharmacological profile.

When given locally it’s a terrific anaesthetic, however if too much is allowed into the general circulation, everything gets a bit tingly, the brain goes a tad bezerk and heart decides to stop cooperating. In essence, don’t give too much.

So how much to give?

Well on it’s own, Lidocaine doses shouldn’t exceed 3mg/kg however when given with adrenaline, to induce vasoconstriction and thus limit systemic spread, the dose can be increased to 7mg/kg.

How to remember this?


Li-do-caine = 3 syllables

Li-do-caine-ad-ren-a-line = 7 syllables



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