If you’ve read my Anxious Doctor posts, seen my anxiety-related cartoons, or met me, you’ll know that I have a rather neurotic disposition. It’s useful when it comes to making sure you don’t miss important diagnoses, but it’s cripplingly debilitating when you want to relax with your friends and your brain sits there worrying aboutContinue reading “Anxiety “

Lumbar Puncture 

The opening pressure may be the only parameter that suggests encephalitis that would otherwise go unnoticed. But remember the patient must be lying down! Otherwise the upright spinal column with the reservoir of fluid at the top in the brain will ensure their pressure will be artificially high – often ridiculously so. It is notContinue reading “Lumbar Puncture “

It’s ok to fail

‘If you fail you don’t get what you want’  This concept is drilled into every student, for every exam, forever. It makes sense that if you don’t pass the exam or test, or project, then you don’t get to enjoy the reward of the prize it so ominously guards; that admission to the medical schoolContinue reading “It’s ok to fail”