Clinic letter

Neurologists are clever people.

Love them or not, they adore attention to detail, and this works both ways. They’ll demand a lot of information from you if you’re making a referral or asking for advice.

Make sure you’ve tested those reflexes.

But in return? They write the most beautiful clinic letters.

Why do I care?

Because when I’m the intensive care registrar on call trying make decisions at 4 am about whether or not a patient would benefit from invasive organ support, there is nothing more glorious to see in their health record than a neurology clinic letter. It doesn’t even need to be all that recent.

It tells you EVERYTHING.

Right handed. Dog named Noodle. Walks with a frame. Struggles on linoleum floors, can’t manage a flight of stairs. More breathless since his fourth heart attack in as many years, weak upper limbs but very good quality of life… You name it. Life is so much easier because of these beautiful pieces of overly-attentive prose.

So neurologists everywhere, thank you.

I promise not to write ‘grossly intact’ ever again.


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