Headache differential

“Doctor I have a headache – am I going to die?” “Well… eventually…” As a doctor you have to try and give useful answers to fairly important questions, like, better than this.   Differential diagnoses are one of the most useful tools when it comes to diagnosing symptoms and it’s important to ensure you’ve thoughtContinue reading “Headache differential”

Why I stopped using Facebook

  Facebook is toxic. It’s an incredible tool, an ingenious creating, allowing potentially unlimited communication between anyone with internet access, but psychologically it is an absolute nightmare. When I’m feeling crap, and I go on Facebook to distract myself, I invariably feel more crap after five minutes of scrolling. Why? Because I’m warmly greeting byContinue reading “Why I stopped using Facebook”

Stop trying to achieve

  The single most sinister element that’s hampered me all along the way, which I assume runs rife within our westernised population, thriving on an infusion of instant technological and financial gratification, is the fear of failure. The fear of regret, the fear that this project will flop, as will the next one, and theContinue reading “Stop trying to achieve”