The Anxious Doctor – Episode 1 – Fluids

Clunk. That’s how I describe it. That feeling in your gut as the adrenaline kicks, when you suddenly panic that you’ve missed something important. The hairs up your spine tingle on end, your stomach starts to squeeze and churn, palms become clammy, breathing more shallow. Immediately you begin recounting, racing through the events of theContinue reading “The Anxious Doctor – Episode 1 – Fluids”

The Anxious Doctor – episode 2

Clunk.   There it is. Anxiety strikes. Just as I walk through the door having driven home after fifty eight hours of work in five days. It had been a good week, hard work and demanding but enjoyable and rewarding. My anticipatory joy for the coming weekend is quickly swallowed and replaced by a wrenchingContinue reading “The Anxious Doctor – episode 2”


If you’ve read my Anxious Doctor posts, seen my anxiety-related cartoons, or met me, you’ll know that I have a rather neurotic disposition, especially when doing anything vaguely medical. It’s useful when it comes to making sure you don’t miss important diagnoses, but it’s cripplingly debilitating when you want to relax with your friends andContinue reading “Anxiety “

It’s okay to fail

‘If you fail you don’t get what you want’  This simple concept is drilled into every student, for every exam, forever. On the surface it makes sense – if you don’t pass the test, then you don’t get to enjoy the reward of the prize it so ominously guards; that admission to the medical schoolContinue reading “It’s okay to fail”