Someone Else’s Trousers

I always put my money down someone else’s trousers, so people don’t talk about me.

Want to remember what to include on an anaesthetic pre-operative checklist? Well look no further – now you’ll be even more confused!

  • I
    • Identity
      • name
      • date of birth
      • wristband
  • Always
    • Allergies
      • allergies
      • reactions to medications
  • Put
    • Proposed Procedure
      • what do you understand about the procedure you’re having today?
  • My
    • Medical History
      • do you have any medical problems?
      • have you ever been to hospital before?
      • what’s the background to you having this procedure?
  • Money
    • Metalwork
      • do you have any metalwork in your body?
  • Down
    • Drug History
      • what medications are you on?
      • why are you on drug X?
      • when did you last take your medication?
  • Someone
    • Systems Review
      • CVS
        • pacemaker
        • hypertension
        • stroke
        • chest pain
      • Neuro
        • epilepsy
      • Gastro
        • acid reflux
      • Resp
        • asthma
        • lung disease
      • Endo
        • diabetes
        • thyroid
      • Renal
      • Liver
      • Joints
  • Else’s
    • Exercise Tolerance
      • how far could you walk before you get short of breath?
      • how many stairs could you climb?
  • Trousers
    • Today (current health)
      • how is your health today?
      • coughs or colds?
      • recent fevers?
  • So
    • Social History
      • do you smoke?
        • how much?
      • do you drink?
        • how much?
      • other drugs?
  • People
    • Previous General Anaesthetics
      • have you had a general anaesthetic before?
      • were there any problems?
      • do you suffer from motion sickness?
      • has anyone in your family reacted badly to anaesthetic drugs?
  • Don’t
    • Drink/Eat (last meal)
      • when was the last time you ate and drank?
      • what did you have?
  • Talk
    • Teeth
      • are those your own teeth?
      • do you have any loose teeth, caps or crowns?
  • About
    • Airway Assessment
      • jaw protrusion
        • can you put your bottom teeth in front of your top teeth for me?
      • neck extension
        • could you put your chin on your chest and then look up
        • touch chin to each shoulder
  • Me
    • Mallampati
      • please could you open your mouth as wide as you can?
      • now stick out your tongue?

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