When injecting lidocaine as a local anaesthetic, it’s really rather important that you don’t give too much, what with the whole making-the-nerves-stop-working aspects of its pharmacological profile. When given locally it’s a terrific anaesthetic, however if too much is allowed into the general circulation, everything gets a bit tingly, the brain goes a tad bezerkContinue reading “Lidocaine “

Induce or Inhibit?

Which common drugs inhibit CYP450 enzymes and which induce them? Here’s a couple of stories to help remember them – it’s by no means a comprehensive list, but should highlight the common drugs to remember.   Inducers – Mr Rifampicin Mr Rifampicin tries St John’s Wort for the first time, which causes him to haveContinue reading “Induce or Inhibit?”

Someone Else’s Trousers

I always put my money down someone else’s trousers, so people don’t talk about me. Want to remember what to include on an anaesthetic pre-operative checklist? Well look no further – now you’ll be even more confused! I Identity name date of birth wristband Always Allergies allergies reactions to medications Put Proposed Procedure what doContinue reading “Someone Else’s Trousers”