Neonatal Hypoglycaemia risk

Some babies are at risk of hypoglycaemia. The following story should help you to remember the relevant risk factors!

It’s really early in the morning, and two babies wake up to find their mum collapsed on the floor. 

One baby is really small and the other is fecking massive. 

The mother has collapsed because she’s in DKA. 

She’s banged her head on the way down and there’s a lot of blood on the floor. 

Big baby thinks to slow the heart down to stop the bleeding and gives her beta blockers. 

The little baby doesn’t respond for 5 mins, and even then is hardly speaking. 

In fact all he does is pull a silly face and poo all over the floor.

  • preterm
  • low birthweight
  • large birthweight
  • diabetic mother
  • polycythaemia
  • mother on beta-blockers
  • APGAR <7 in first 5 mins
  • dismorphic face – suspected inborn error of metabolism

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