Lithium side effects 

  Lithium is an interesting drug with some important side effects. It’s one of those drugs that has a very narrow therapeutic window (0.4-1.0mmol/L) and above 1.5mmol/L you’re at significant risk of developing toxicity. It’s used primarily as a mood stabiliser in conditions such as Bipolar disorder and refractory depression, and it is important toContinue reading “Lithium side effects “

Induce or Inhibit?

Which common drugs inhibit CYP450 enzymes and which induce them? Here’s a couple of stories to help remember them – it’s by no means a comprehensive list, but should highlight the common drugs to remember.   Inducers – Mr Rifampicin Mr Rifampicin tries St John’s Wort for the first time, which causes him to haveContinue reading “Induce or Inhibit?”